Dry Fusion carpet cleaning system  The carpet cleaning method we use (Dry Fusion) is the only carpet cleaning system that hot cleans, deodorises, stain protects and heat dries in one process. In fact the carpets can be walked on pretty much as soon as we have finished, as they will be dry within 30 minutes. Two unique processes work to keep a Dry Fusion cleaned carpet virtually stain free thus maintaining that just cleaned look longer. Firstly, a Fluorocarbon Resin places an invisible protective shield over every fibre during the cleaning process, this helps to prevent dry grit, dust as well as spills lodging within the carpet. Even walked in mud and oily spills will have difficulty seeping in. And, secondly, because the fibre is effectively "non stick" after you clean, future vacuuming will remove more soil, and even the vacuum cleaner will be noticeably easier to push.
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Cristal Fusion upholstery cleaning system The upholstery cleaning method we use (Cristal Fusion) provides the Operator with a unique, 3 in 1 upholstery cleaning system that provides consistent dry foam, electrical rotating brush and vacuum extraction into one operation. The system incorporates the Cristal Fusion cleaning solution that cleans, deodorises and stain protects the fabric in one process. Cristal Fusion can be used on all wet cleanable fabrics and will leave the fabric dry within 2-4 hours dependant on room conditions.
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Carpets & upholstery cleaned, stain protected, & dried....using the very latest low moisture cleaning technology. 
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